Chris - San Francisco Night (EHAW006) - Edition Hawara
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Release Date

November, 25 2022

7" Single

Edition Hawara’s third 7“ release is a slow-moving synth gem from 1983. Its producer, Chris Duchatschek or just “Chris”, is hardly a household name in Austrian pop music. But Duchatschek was not only an early member of Drahdiwaberl, the legendary anarchist band that was headed by Falco before his global breakthrough.
He also produced a string of almost-forgotten hits, not least José Feliciano’s “The Sound of Vienna”. “San Francisco Night” is one of Duchatschek’s few solo productions. It’s the soundtrack for a party in a dark, smoke-filled basement in early 1980s Vienna, but it should work just fine in today’s smoke-free basements too. Or in your living room, as long as you turn the lights off.